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  This section is a compilation of some answers to the questions our clients commonly ask. If you think of a question that is not on this list, please just contact us by phone, in person or send us an email here.

Questions and answers

  • How long will my sign take? +

    As every sign is custom made, we cannot give a general time frame for all of the signs we make. However, our turnaround times are the fastest in the industry due to us having a UV cured flatbed printer. This also allows for the signs to be handled immediately after production. If you need a sign urgently, contact us and chances are we can complete your project in the deadline you require.
  • Do you require a deposit? +

    Unless alternate arrangements have been made, we ask for 50% of the value of your project as a deposit, and the balance on completion.
  • What if I don’t have a logo? +

    No problem, we can design a logo for you, and apply it to all of your signage & stationery needs. We can work with ideas of your own, or let our trained designers create something special for you. Please refer to our Artwork Checksheet.
  • What format do you need my logo to be? +

    Ideally, we would prefer a PDF of your logo, as JPEG’s can be poor quality, and cannot be scaled bigger. If you have a couple of formats, send them all to us, and let one of our staff decide which one is best to use.
  • Can I see a proof before you make my sign? +

    All of our signage is proofed back to the customer for approval before we proceed with your order. This is to ensure you are happy with the design, and also to check over the details contained in the sign, i.e. Phone numbers and that the spelling is correct.
  • Can you install my sign? +

    Certainly. We have fully qualified installers who take care of everything from simple flat signs through to full installation of major projects. We can organize the cherry picker, electricians, surveyors and council approvals etc if needed.
  • Are you open on weekends? +

    We are aware that sometimes projects cannot be completed during the week. Our normal hours of trade are 7:30 am till 5:00 pm weekdays (4:30 pm Friday) and weekends by prior arrangement only. If your project needs to be completed outside of our normal hours of trade, let us know and we can work with you to have this achieved.
  • Do you do site visits for a quote? +

    If your signage area needs to be measured, or if it is not a simple project, we can have one of our staff members meet you on site to discuss your requirements. This ensures the information is gathered accurately for your project and the quotation process can begin. To have someone meet you, simply contact us to arrange a suitable time.
  • Do you have some signs in stock that I can purchase straight away? +

    As everything we manufacture is custom made to the customers needs, we do not carry any stock. We can produce something for you to suit your needs in the fastest possible timeframe.
  • Do I bring my vehicle to you for the signs to be applied? +

    As we have all of the necessary equipment and workshop space at our premises, we do require your vehicle to be taken to our workshop to have your signs applied. This ensures a quality job every time. Depending on how long your vehicle will take, it is advisable to arrange  someone to drop it off with you and collect it later that day.
  • Can the signs be removed? +

    If it is vehicle sign, it can be removed leaving no damage to your vehicle. If it is building sign, it certainly can be removed and in most cases reinstalled in a different location if ncecessary.