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Please see below instructions to help with the clarity of colours and printing etc:

  • All artwork should be supplied in a vector-based EPS or PDF format.
  • Please make sure all fonts and strokes have been converted to curves, objects or outlines.
  • It is very IMPORTANT that the colour spaced used in both the design and the export process be ADOBE 1998 RGB.
  • Please ensure all artwork is sent to us using this colour space. If you require a specific colour, can you please advise the specific CMYK break down or at the very least a PMS colour code.
  • Please ensure artwork sent is at the true size required.
  • Our printer(s) do not use crop marks as a guide of a finishing point, therefore please make sure all artwork has no bounding box, crop marks or registration points.
  • If there are images of a photographic nature, all jpegs/bitmaps etc must be at least 300 DPI.
  • Please be aware that the colours and image quality of based images such as jpegs is completely dependent upon the image itself, and we have no means to manipulate this.
  • Please note that these images may not print the same colour that displays on the computer screen.
  • There is a definite trap in assuming that “what looks good” will print in a similar fashion.
  • Please include a low-resolution jpeg of the file as we can then cross-reference for any other import errors. I trust this will be of assistance to you.
  • Remember that the quality of the artwork you provide us directly impacts the quality of the product we provide in you in return.