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LED Message Signs


A LED variable message board is easy, low maintenance and is an affordable way to convey a message. Having the ability to send an informative instant message to a large screen at a main entrance can be beneficial to staff and customers.

You can display messages, graphics, animations, and logos straight from your computer to the electronic message board. Today there are numerous types of LED message boards available in the market that can support different formats.

It is important that the VMS is built to suit your needs and requirements. Creating a custom-designed sign to allow the best possible interaction is what we specialise in. Our VMS comes complete with a high-quality cabinet that allows an uninterruptible power supply.

Our vast experience in procurement and installation reduces the challenges often encountered during the implementation of digital signage by yourself. We make it easier for you to manage your problem areas, including sourcing and integrating the right technology for your project.

Additionally, we also provide on-site training for all relevant users, allowing a smooth transition after the variable LED message panel is installed.

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