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The Dos

The following practices will help maintain the life and quality of the vinyl film:

  •  Wash applied vinyl graphics with a blend of clean water and a mild care wash or detergent 
  • Test any cleaning solution on a small section of the vinyl graphic before using
  • Always read the warning labels on car care products for proper safety instructions
  • Once you have washed the vehicle with a soapy water blend, rinse with clean water
  • Either let the vehicle air dry or dry off with a microfiber cloth


  • Your vinyl wrap or graphics will react negatively to prolonged exposure to the sun and moisture (i.e. morning dew).
  • Keeping the car garaged will help protect the films protected from these and extend the life of the wrap.
  • Always avoid bore water. If your reticulation system uses bore water, ensure your car is not subjected to being sprayed with this if parked near lawns or gardens.

The Don'ts

Indications of vinyl failure can include loss of gloss level, fading, embrittling, cracking, chipping, or peeling around graphic edges. The following practices will result in deterioration of the vinyl film:

  •  Do not allow fuels to stay in contact with the vinyl for extended periods of time. Clean all spills as soon as possible
  • Do not use automated car washes, truck washes using caustic cleaners or pressure washers to clean your vehicle
  • Do not apply any type of wax or polish to matte or carbon fibre-finished vinyls
  • Do not use mechanical brush washing visibility.
  • Avoid using the rear windshield wiper and only use it when necessary, as it will scratch the laminate over time and reduce visibility. It is best to clean any grime and sediment from your rear window with a wet squeegee to avoid scratching
  • Avoid using your rear defroster, use only when necessary as it can potentially reduce the lifespan of the perforated window film
  • Avoid frequent rolling of windows with graphics to avoid scratching.