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High-end laser cutting and engraving

Vizual Impact uses Laser cutting to cut materials with a high degree of precision. A computer is programmed with the exact coordinates of the shape to be cut.

Precision is enhanced since there is no wear on the laser. There is also a reduced chance of warping the material being cut, as laser systems have a small heat-affected zone. This means that plastic-coated materials can also be cut successfully.

We specialise in delivering turnkey projects for companies and brands that encompass the entire digital fabrication spectrum. We can take your project from concept to reality all under one roof.

Our work is driven by the beliefs that everyone benefits from good design, and that good design is always memorable, effective and beautifully made!

There are many factors contributing to the popularity of laser cutting.

  • First, laser cutting offers high accuracy and precision — key advantages over traditional techniques
  • Laser cutting also guarantees excellent performance whenever clean cuts and smoother edge finishes are needed, as the use of laser energy to cut using a highly focused beam can hold tight tolerances around the desired cutting region
  • Lasers can be used to cut through materials of all thicknesses
  • laser cutting enables the creation of complex geometrical shapes with smoother edges and cleaner-cut finishes.

Popular Uses for Laser Cutting:

  • Automotive Industry
  • Tool Industry
  • Jewellery Industry
  • Medical Device Manufacturing
  • Ceramic Manufacturing
  • Silicon Manufacturing