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The most important benefit of laser engraving is that laser engraving technology can create high precision laser markings and engravings on almost any type of material.

This includes metals like aluminium, gold, silver or steel and copper. Laser engraving is often used on a wide variety of industrial-strength alloys and plastics for various devices.

It has an excellent reputation for durability and resistance to high temperatures and extreme heat.

Laser engraving is extensively used in industries such as aerospace, automotive (including e-mobility), electronics, medical and also in semiconductor manufacturing.

Here are  some major benefits of laser engraving:

  • Laser engraving has a higher perceived value.

  • Laser engraving is more subtle and stylish than other branding methods.

  • Laser engraving is more durable and long-lasting compared to other branding methods such as pad printing.


One of the most important advantages of laser engraving is that it is a contactless process. This means that the laser beam does not physically touch the material it is applied to, rather than relying on heat to obtain the desired results.

 The advantages of laser cutting are:

  • flexibility
  • precision
  • repeatability
  • cost-effectiveness
  • great quality
  • contactless cutting
  • versatility

What can be produced with laser engraving:

  • logos
  • certification symbols
  • barcodes
  • serial codes
  • simple custom text
  • serial numbers

and so much more.