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Time Left - to get corflute signs at the best prices in Australia


From time to time, we select some products and offer them at prices you can’t resist.  

For a limited time, we offer the top quality  CORFLUTE SIGNS  at the lowest price on the market. 

We understand that you are in business and prices always matter for your business expense, efficiency, and profits.  We understand that every dollar spend matters to you. 

The market for any business, particularly real estate agents has been very tough over the last few years, hence we start 2021 YEAR with this special for you!

Vizual Impact offers you SAVINGS on your HOME OPEN, OPEN FOR INSPECTION, and any other type of corflute signs you might need.

You don't need to compromise any more on quality!  Get the best corflute signs at the lowest price on the market.


  • CORFLUTE SIGNS - 600mm x400mm
  • THICKNESS of corrugated plastic: 5mm
  • CAN INCLUDE PROTECTIVE LAMINATE that acts as  a whiteboard
  • Free Delivery for orders of 36 signs and more
  • YOUR price FROM $7.22 ***

Please Note: This is a limited time offer and only available to the first 20 orders. ***price varies depending on the quantity ordered.

We believe in our quality and offer a money-back guarantee if YOU ARE NOT 100% SATISFIED. 

 Importance of quality REAL ESTATE SIGNS:  When you go to all the effort of holding an open for inspection. Your Open Inspection/Home Open signs, play an important role in drawing traffic. A good "OPEN HOME" sign can make a difference in your efforts and leads.

Of course,  signs don’t directly rent or sell a property, however, colours used, format, and SIGNS position can help to draw people's attention

To maintain quality products and services comes with the cost.

You might ask why we offer the lowest prices?

We would like you to try our top-quality corflute signs that we produce using the newest technology and we are sure you will see the difference and it will make a difference in your business. There is no substitute for quality, and you know pretty know that in the long run it saves you money. We don't want you to miss the opportunity to meet our team and try our quality product. Hence this introductory, limited time offer. We want you to experience the Vizual Impact difference!

Corflute Signs